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Middle Gnorc

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A Dragon Kingdom Middle Gnorc

Middle Gnorcs[citation needed] are muscular, blue Gnorcs who appear as common enemies in Spyro: A Hero's Tail.


In the Dragon Kingdom, Middle Gnorcs wear a silver helmet, red sleeveless shirt with purple vertical strip in the middle, ocher bracelets, black belt with silver buckle, green trousers and brown boots. In Lost Cities, they wear a greek outfit which includes the yellow sleeveless dress, silver helmet with red & purple crest, brown apron, red belt, silver anklets and ocher slippers. In Cloudy Domain, they wear a pilot hat, the red dress, yellow belt, black suspenders, brown wings and ocher sandals. In Icy Wilderness, they wear a brown bonnet, beige sleeveless shirt with purple sweater, brown belt with silver buckle, brown gloves, dark grayish brown trousers and brown boots. In Volcanic Isle, they wear a purple horned barbute with T-shaped form embroidered with yellow, purple shoulder pads embroidered with yellow, blue sleeveless shirt embroidered with red, striped blue & purple trousers, black belt with and brown boots.

The Middle Gnorcs use sword to attack and some of them protect themselves with shields to protect themselves from Spyro's fire and electric breath. They can be defeated by Spyro's physical attacks, fire breath, electric breath and ice breath. In Cloudy Domain, they are the only flying Gnorcs which do not attack, just bar the way.