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Dragon Egg

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Dragon Eggs, or simply named Eggs, are a type of Egg that baby dragons hatch from. They are main collectible items in some Spyro games and first appear in Spyro the Dragon. In most appearances, an enemy or villain steals the Dragon Eggs, and Spyro has to retrieve them.


Spyro the Dragon[edit]

In Spyro the Dragon Dragon Eggs are pink eggs that were stolen by thieves, who can be found in several levels and some world hubs. There are twelve Dragon Eggs for Spyro to collect. By doing so, the balloonists allow Spyro to travel to later worlds. Just over half of the Dragon Eggs are found in the third Dragon World and its levels, Magic Crafters.

No. Level Location
1 Stone Hill When Spyro accesses the level, he must go into a cave on the right and continue until he reaches another grass area. Spyro must travel up an air current and glide to a grassy field above the cave entrance. From there, Spyro can find the thief with the first Dragon Egg.
2 Town Square After Spyro rescues the dragon Alvar, he must turn and then jump onto an elevated ledge to the right. Spyro must then glide while staying close to the right wall. He eventually lands on a grass ledge around the corner. There Spyro can find the second thief, whom he must chase after.
3 Peace Keepers (world hub) Beside the portal to the Doctor Shemp level is a cannon, which Spyro must aim and fire a cannonball at a rock with a red target on it. The resulting cannonball reveals a platform, which Spyro must jump from and glide over to the desert area in the distance (over the gap). The third thief is found in an alcove.
4 Cliff Town Located near the dragon Halvor.
5 Dry Canyon From the start, Spyro must take a narrow path on the left. There is a thief hiding in an alcove.
6 Magic Crafters (world hub) Spyro must go into a blue tunnel ahead from where the Balloonist is. By proceeding down, Spyro can find a thief within a junction. The thief has a short loop, and Spyro must quickly charge and burn the thief before it jumps onto an unreachable ledge. If this happens, Spyro must leave the area, then turn around and re-enter the junction, where the thief awaits him in the same spot.
7 After going through the tunnel with the first thief, Spyro returns outside. He can find the second thief in a grassy, circular area.
8 High Caves When Spyro goes to supercharge across the gap, he must take a sharp right turn in midair and aim for the distant, grassy field. The thief is on top of the ramp in the area.
9 After the cave with the supercharge ramp is a bridge that leads to another chamber. Spyro must go to the bridge's mid-section, then face right at two ledges which lead into respective chambers. Spyro must first glide to the nearest ledge and then to the second ledge, which has the thief.
10 Wizard Peak When Spyro reaches the second supercharge ramp, he must charge down and then up the ramp directly ahead. After building up momentum, Spyro must quickly jump and glide to the island ahead. A thief is behind the wall.
11 The thief is around the pool in the same area as the dragon Lucas and the Return Home portal. Spyro can jump across the pool and attack the thief to obtain its Dragon Egg.
12 Alpine Ridge At the Return Home portal, Spyro must face the large, open area that he is in. He must glide east of the firework boxes and into a cave entrance, which has the last thief.

Spyro: A Hero's Tail[edit]

In Spyro: A Hero's Tail, Dragon Eggs return as a main collectible item. In the game, the thieves stole the Dragon Eggs from Nanny, which infuriated her. Spyro is tasked to retrieve all 80 of the Dragon Eggs. They appear in varying colors and patterns and are sorted into sets. When Spyro collects all Dragon Eggs of a certain set, he is rewarded with a prize.

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