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High Caves

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High Caves
High Caves StD.png
Game(s) Spyro the Dragon
Home World Magic Crafters
Enemies Elder Wizard, Green Druid, Metalback Spider, Tornado Wizard
Gems 500
Dragons 3
Eggs 2
Fodder Sheep

High Caves is a realm found in the Magic Crafters Home World in Spyro the Dragon. It takes place within castle-like buildings on a mountain range and in a cave area inside one of the mountains. The areas are not connected, and there is a large, open abyss between them, so Spyro has to use a supercharge ramp within the cave to do a supercharge to gain enough momentum to glide between the different locations. Even if Spyro falls into the abyss below, a few fairies come to rescue him, and return him to the start of the supercharge ramp. There are four different types of enemies encountered: Elder Wizards, Metalback Spiders, Tornado Wizards, and Green Druids. There are only three dragons for Spyro to rescue: Cyrus, Ajax, and Cedric.


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