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Doctor Shemp (realm)

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Doctor Shemp
Doctor Shemp StD realm.png
Game(s) Spyro the Dragon
Home World Peace Keepers
Enemies Fat Lady, Kamikaze Mama Slave
Boss Doctor Shemp
Gems 300
Dragons 1

Doctor Shemp is a realm in Spyro the Dragon. It is the boss realm of Peace Keepers and the second one in general. It takes place at a canyon during a sunset or solar eclipse, and is where Spyro fights the titular boss, Doctor Shemp.



CrystalStatue SpyroReignitedTrilogy UI Art.png Name Location
File:Trondo StD1.jpg Trondo In front of Doctor Shemp's first platform.

Skill Point[edit]

Skill Point (Spyro Reignited Trilogy)
(Defeat Doctor Shemp without taking damage)


Name Description Can be flamed? Can be charged?
No image.png
Kamikaze Tribesman
Gnorcs covered in armor, even on their faces. They charge blindly when smacked by the Fat Mamas, even wind up running off the edge of cliffs. No Yes
No image.png
Fat Lady
Female gnorcs that command the Kamikaze Tribesmen to charge at Spyro. Their slaps are harmless to Spyro. Yes No


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