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The Sorceress is a blue dinosaur-like villain and the main antagonist of Spyro: Year of the Dragon. She carries a wand that contains a pink Dragon Egg. The Sorceress is thousands of years old and is experienced in using magic spells.


In the beginning of the game, her apprentice Bianca steals 150 Dragon Eggs from the dragons. Spyro is the only dragon who can fit through the rabbit tunnel to the Forgotten Realm, where the Sorceress is found.

A thousand years ago, the Sorceress banished the dragons from the area, so they moved up to the Dragon Realms. Over time, the area lost its magic and became known as the Forgotten Realms. Bianca thought that the Sorceress wanted to return the dragons to restore magic back to the Forgotten Realms. The Sorceress eventually reveals to Bianca that she wishes to strip the baby dragons of their wings to create a spell that would grant her immortality. Bianca turns against the Sorceress and joins Spyro and Hunter's side.

Near the end of his adventure, Spyro confronted the Sorceress in an arena fight, braving her magic spells until she was at last blown into the lava surrounding the floating stadium island. However, as Spyro was whisked away by a spell, the Sorceress, utilizing her amazing will, strength, and endurance, escaped the lava and fled the arena on her powerfully armed Royal Imperialist UFO Saucer Fighter. She went into exile deep within her treasury, with the only entrance being a magical portal locked with a powerful spell. Spyro at last broke the seal using powerful energy collected from gems and dragon eggs, cleared the treasury, destroyed the Royal Airforce UFO Fleet, and beat the Sorceress in a heated saucer dogfight. The Sorceress was finally defeated, knocked into powerfully acidic goo which her hide could not withstand, and killed.

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