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Artwork of a Red Fairy from Spyro the Dragon
World Dragon Realms
Fairy Worlds
First appearance Spyro the Dragon (game)
Latest appearance Crash Team Rumble
Notable member(s)
Zoe, Amp, Aqua, Freezia

Fairies are magical creatures who commonly assist Spyro throughout the Spyro franchise. The most notable and recurring fairy is Zoe, who is one of Spyro's main allies.


Spyro the Dragon[edit]

It is mentioned by Mudada that fairies are always on the side of dragons in the Dragon Realms. There are a few types of fairies found in the game, all of whom assist Spyro along his journey.

  • Red Fairies[1][2] assist Spyro by saving his game progress. They wear a red dress and have blonde hair. A Red Fairy can be found above a Dragon Statue pedestal once Spyro has rescued the dragon that was imprisoned within the statue.
  • Yellow Fairies[2] are a type of fairy that only appear in the level High Falls. Whenever Spyro falls into an endless abyss, he is immediately rescued by Yellow Fairies, who safely return him to land.
  • Flame Fairies[2] temporarily grant Spyro the Superflame powerup by kissing him. They appear in Haunted Towers and High Caves.

Furthermore, in Lofty Castle, there are fairies who activate whirlwinds for Spyro to use.

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage![edit]

A fairy named Zoe is friends with Elora and she helps Spyro by saving his progress with a zap of her wand.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon[edit]

Fairies once again have a large role, and assist Spyro in finding the Dragon Eggs. Zoe reappears from Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!, and two fairies are introduced: Isabella and Princess Ami.

Every twelve years during the Year of the Dragon, the fairies also play an important role in delivering new Dragon Eggs to the Dragon Kingdom every twelve years.

The fairies live in a realm named Charmed Ridge, which is governed by Princess Ami. When Spyro visits there, he learns that the Cat Wizards have invaded the fairies' castle and captured Princess Ami. Fairies along the way help Spyro in his quest to rescue Princess Ami.

Spyro: Season of Ice[edit]

In Spyro: Season of Ice, fairies play a role in the main plot. Grendor has frozen all of the fairies, and Spyro goes on an adventure to rescue them. In the hub world, if Spyro jumps or glides above the surrounding water, fairy magic redirects him back onto the ground. This is similar to the Yellow Fairies from Spyro the Dragon. There are four types of fairies, and each type is colored after one of the seasons: spring, summer, autumn, or winter.

Spyro 2: Season of Flame[edit]

In Spyro 2: Season of Flame, fairy magic in the hub world once again protects Spyro from falling into the water. Unlike Spyro: Season of Ice, Spyro can glide above the water, and the fairy magic only rescues him if he is about to touch the water surface.


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