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Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

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"Spyro 2" redirects here. For information about the Game Boy Advance game with "Spyro 2" in its title, see Spyro 2: Season of Flame.
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!
Spyro 2 PS1 US cover.jpg
Developer(s) Insomniac Games
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Release date(s) PlayStation:
USA November 2, 1999
Europe November 5, 1999
Japan March 16, 2000
PlayStation Network:
USA July 26, 2007 (original release)
USA May 7, 2009 (second release)
Genre(s) Platformer
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
Console(s) PlayStation
Mode(s) Single player
Media PlayStation:
PlayStation Network:
Digital download
Input PlayStation controller

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!, known as Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer in Europe, is the second game of the Spyro franchise and a sequel to Spyro the Dragon. It was originally released for the PlayStation in 1999. In 2018, the first three Spyro the Dragon games, one of which is Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!, were remade for Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

In the game, Spyro is placed in Avalar, rather than the Dragon Worlds, where the previous installment was set. A dinosaur-riding sorcerer, known as Ripto, has invaded the world of Avalar, and is wreaking havoc on its citizens with his magic. Idols come to life and attack their creators, Eskimos are encased in ice cubes, and a civilization of seahorses has had its water confiscated. Spyro must travel through the world of Avalar and undo the damage done by Ripto. Spyro and Sparx are the only two returning characters from the first game.

On July 26, 2007, Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! was released as a PSone Classic for the PlayStation Network, which is before its predecessor, Spyro the Dragon. On August 7, 2007, the game was pulled from the PlayStation Network due to technical issues, such as certain levels failing to load.[1] A few days later, Sony refunded those who bought the game and MediEvil (another PSone Classic that was released on the PlayStation Network).[2] On May 7, 2009, Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! was re-added to the PlayStation Network.


Intro screenshot of Spyro suggesting to Sparx that they take a vacation to Dragon Shores because of Artisans' rainy weather.

In the fantasy realm of Avalar, local residents Elora, Hunter, and The Professor have been working on their latest and largest portal. During a test of it, Hunter enters his birthdate (22475) as the portal's target coordinates, inadvertently activating it and allowing a small wizard named Ripto into the realm along with two large dinosaurs, Crush and Gulp. Identifying that the land has no dragons, Ripto declares that he is going to "move in" and take it over; however, Elora is able to de-activate the portal by instructing fairies to remove the orbs powering the portal. As Ripto begins to terrorize Avalar, Elora and the Professor plan to 'catch' a dragon in order to drive Ripto off. Somehow, Ripto's magic has corrupted the minds of the citizens of the realm and turned them against each other, causing outbreaks of war between worlds and races.

Meanwhile, the Dragon Realms have been under rainy weather for some time; Spyro, declaring he needs a vacation, locates a portal to the realm of Dragon Shores. However, after traveling through the portal, he finds himself instead landing in the realm of Avalar by means of a smaller portal, built by Avalar's Professor. Ripto enters the scene and destroys the portal, objecting to how the Professor succeeded in bringing a dragon to the world of Avalar. Ripto is, however, forced to retreat when Gulp accidentally swallows Ripto's magical sceptre, and Spyro is asked to help save the realm of Avalar by defeating Ripto.

Each of Avalar's overworlds is captured by Ripto after Spyro enters them. In a dungeon area, Ripto and one of his minions (or, on the final overworld, resurrected versions of them) wait for Spyro. The only way to access these dungeons is to collect all Talismans in the overworld. The final battle requires 40 orbs.


The gameplay is similar to the original Spyro the Dragon but with few variations in control and Spyro's main abilities intact. Spyro can attack enemies with his flame attack, or charge through them in a charge attack, though different varieties of enemies may require a specific attack to defeat; metal-armored enemies are impervious to Spyro's flame, and enemies much larger than Spyro himself are immune to his charge attack. Like the first game, Spyro's health is indicated by the color of Sparx, whose health can be replenished by eating butterflies.

The game is split up into three main hub worlds containing portals to various realms. In order to progress through the first two hub worlds, Spyro must acquire a talisman from each realm, which is awarded for reaching the end of the level, before facing the boss of each world. Each level also contains a certain number of orbs, which can be earned by completing secondary tasks for certain characters, such as lighting a series of lamps or protecting characters from attacks. These orbs are required for opening some of the portals to certain levels, as well as progressing through the third hub world.

Gems gathered throughout the game are required to pay fees Moneybags charges in order to progress through the game. As well as opening portals or granting access to certain areas, Moneybags also teaches Spyro three brand new abilities over the course of the game. Swimming lets Spyro dive underwater to reach submerged treasure and hidden tunnels, climbing lets Spyro climb up certain surfaces. The headbash allows Spyro to perform an overhead smashing attack that can break rocks and certain cages.

In various locations throughout each level there are small creatures, such as frogs or sheep, known as fodder. When Spyro approaches them, the fodder try and escape from him. When Spyro charges or flames a fodder, it releases a butterfly, which Sparx can eat to restore a unit of his health. If Sparx eats nine butterflies, the tenth one will be a blue butterfly, which grants an extra life. Blue butterflies are sometimes found in a bottle.

Each level has a Power-up Gate, which can be activated after defeating a certain number of enemies, who release a spirit particle upon being defeated. When Spyro walks through a Power-up Gate, he is given a temporary power-up, including Invincible, Superfly, Supercharge, Powerflame, Superfreeze, and Bigbounce.


This game introduces new characters into the Spyro series, many of whom would appear in later games. Both Hunter and Moneybags make recurring appearances in the series, while Ripto would make more series appearances than any other antagonist, making him the key villain of the original series. The dragons of the previous installment have been replaced with an entirely new cast of characters, including fauns, satyrs, anthropomorphic animals, and robotic businessmen, among others.

Playable characters[edit]

Name Description
Spyro S2 attack pose.jpg
The eager, headstrong, purple dragon and main protagonist. A vacation to Dragon Shores turns tragic as Ripto has taken over Avalar. After encountering Elora and Hunter, Spyro embarks on a journey through Avalar to collect Orbs and Talismans and stop Ripto. This is accomplished through the aide of Sparx. The game's story is partially framed after the events of its predecessor, and Spyro has the same feel, physics and a similar control from the first Spyro the Dragon, now a little more experienced after his adventures in the first Spyro game.

Non-playable characters[edit]

Name Description
Sparx S2RR.png
Spyro's constant dragonfly companion that represents his health meter, also alowing Spyro to withstand more hits, and collects nearby gems for him.
Elora S2RR.png
A faun of Avalar, and assistant to the Professor. She is friendly and wise and develops a friendship with Spyro over the course of the game.
Hunter S2RR.png
An anthropomorphic cheetah armed with a bow and arrows who was inadvertently responsible for bringing Ripto to the realm of Avalar, during a test of the Professor's "Super Portal". In the game, Hunter teaches the player about Spyro's abilities early on and occasionally challenges Spyro to various mini-games or missions later.
Zoe S2RR.png
A fairy who helped scatter Avalar's orbs throughout the realm to prevent Ripto from using them. Zoe appears in several locations throughout all levels and serves as a checkpoint should Spyro lose a life.
Moneybags S2RR.png
An anthropomorphic bear seen in various places throughout the realm of Avalar. As his name suggests, he has a love for gems and will not hesitate to ask Spyro to "share" some of them, sometimes inventing ridiculous reasons that Spyro should agree. However, in all cases, paying Moneybags enough gems will result in access to new levels, further progress within the same level, or in some cases, a new ability for Spyro.
Professor S2RR.png
The creator of the "Super Portal" in Avalar. After Ripto's arrival, he created a smaller portal in the Glimmer realm to locate a dragon and bring it to Avalar.


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Name S2RR Ripto icon.png Description S2RR Ripto icon.png Locations Can be flamed? Can be charged?
No image.png
Arabian Thief
Thieves responsible of stealing the hippos' three magical brass lamps. They are not as fast as the other Thieves in the Dragon Realms, but are still quite tricky to catch. Defeating all three will award the player an orb. Shady Oasis Yes Yes
No image.png
Bipedal, ostrich-like dromedaries that attack Spyro by biting him or swinging their necks at him. They will bury their heads in the sand like an ostrich if Spyro is not near them. They also hop around to face his direction if he approaches them. Scorch Yes No
No image.png
Small, green, spider-like creatures that cannot damage Spyro. They quickly breed but only have a set limit of members in their family. Some of them can be found walking on the floor, whilst others hang by small threads. Scorch Yes No
No image.png
Creatures out of stone, capable of shaping the ground to make a lot of mischief. Charging them pushes them further. They are the only enemies that cannot be defeated by the Supercharge, although it pushes them more further. Fracture Hills
Magma Cone
No Yes
No image.png
Horned Rabbit
Rabbits that disguise themselves as an ice spike and pop out of the ground and charge into Spyro if he gets too close. Crystal Glacier Yes Yes
No image.png
Kangaroo Thief
Agile kangaroos that are able to leap great distances and heights, glide with their small wings, and swim in the few watery areas. Four are responsible for stealing Basil the Explorer's four spark plugs in attempt to take them away from Mystic Marsh. Each one runs on a fixed path, and once defeated, they make a sound, then the spark plugs appear. When all four are defeated, Spyro is awarded an orb from Basil. Mystic Marsh Yes Yes
No image.png
Young Earthshaper
Small Earthshapers that wear pants and attempt to throw rocks at Spyro. They can only be charged and will run away from Spyro if he does not hit them. Following their attempt, they will run to the other side of a building or large object and attempt the same attack. Magma Cone No Yes


S2RR Ripto icon.png Mini-bosses S2RR Ripto icon.png
Colossus Yeti Master Chef Bombo the Flagkeeper Ox
No image.png No image.png Bombo the Flagkeeper.png No image.png
A yeti who is rampaging in Colossus before being trapped by the monks. If Spyro steps any closer to the yeti, the latter is defeated. A duck who is responsible for trying to wrangle up the local baby turtles to be used as a main ingredient in a soup he wants to prepare for himself and his unseen dinner guests. He gives Spyro an Orb for each challenge in which Spyro tries to keep the unsuspecting turtles from falling into the soup pot. A genie who keeps taking flags away from Scorch. He does not appear unless Spyro has talked to after defeating 20 enemies. After Spyro does so, he will need to use the superflame powerup to shoot the Flagkeeper off of each flagpole. Following that, Spyro must follow him without getting hurt by his magical bombs. After three flags are received, Handel gives Spyro an orb. A member of the rebellion of the farm animals against Metropolis who spits bombs from its mouth at its disposal and is stationed in the ice arena. To defeat him, Spyro must either charge or flame the bombs back at him to hit him until his health meter is depleted.
Realm Realm Realm Realm
Colossus Sunny Beach Scorch Metropolis
S2RR Ripto icon.png Bosses S2RR Ripto icon.png
Crush Gulp Ripto
No image.png No image.png Ripto S2RR.png
A large, blue dinosaur who wields his club and uses pads to unleash fearsome attacks. Flaming him outside the pads is the only way to damage him. A large, green dinosaur with thick green scales and a giant pair of laser cannons on his back. He is resisted by the flame attack, so Spyro must use the objects which hatch from the eggs dropped from the sky by pterodactyls to defeat him. A robotic variant of him appears during the final boss. Spyro's arch-nemesis: a sorcerer dinosaur. Ripto is the title villain and the final boss. At the start, he was accidentally transported to Avalar, where he decides to take over because it is not inhabited by dragons. Ripto uses magical orbs to gain power-ups, and can fire projectiles from his scepter. When in trouble, he calls a robotic version of Gulp to help him out, and when in danger, he then takes to the skies on a monstrous pterodactyl robot for a fast-paced aerial battle. Spyro should use the orbs that Hunter drops to get new powerups.
Realm Realm Realm
Crush's Dungeon Gulp's Overlook Ripto's Arena


The world of Avalar is divided into three homeworlds, each based on a particular season. Spyro can access the levels via portals. In every realm, there is a castle that, during the course of the storyline, is captured by Ripto. Each realm features a number of different worlds, a speedway world, and a dungeon with a boss. Every level has 400 gems.

S2RR Summer Forest Guidebook image.png World 1: Summer Forest
S2RR Summer Forest logo.png
Total number of obtainable orbs×4
Challenges Orbs
S2RR Summer Forest.png Hunter's Challenge On a secret ledge
Atop a ladder
Behind the door
The first Home World is luscious and green. Here, Avalar is enjoying summer. Before reaching certain portals in this world, Spyro must pay Moneybags to teach him to swim.
Unlock criterion: complete Glimmer
S2RR Glimmer logo.png
TalismanMagic Pick Total number of obtainable orbs×3
Challenges 02.
S2RR Idol Springs logo.png
TalismanJade Idol Total number of obtainable orbs×2
Challenges Skill Point
S2RR Glimmer.png Lizard hunt Gem Lamp Flight outdoors S2RR Idol Springs.png Foreman Bud's puzzles Land on Idol
Gem Lamp Flight in cave Hula Girl rescue
A world lush with gems, and home to the Gemcutters, who are springhares. They are being terrorized by lizards, who keep stealing their gems. A marsh-like area adorned with Idol Monsters, where the local foremen incessantly carve idols. These idols are turning on them.
Unlock criterion: complete Glimmer
S2RR Colossus logo.png
TalismanGolden Statue Total number of obtainable orbs×3
Challenges Skill Point 04.
S2RR Hurricos logo.png
TalismanGear of Power Total number of obtainable orbs×3
Challenges Skill Point
S2RR Colossus.png Hockey vs. Goalie Perfect in Hockey Hurricos S2RR screenshot.jpg Stone thief chase All Windmills
Hockey one on one Factory Glide 1
Evil spirit search Factory Glide 2
A mountainous world inhabited by peaceful monks. A Yeti is rampaging around the once-peaceful mountain; however, the monks are able to close all the doors to trap the him.
Unlock criterion: complete Glimmer
A stormy world in perpetual darkness, home to the Electrolls. Their bigger and stronger workmates, the Gear Grinders, are segregating their smaller, weaker workmatems.
Unlock criteria: complete Glimmer and pay Moneybags 500 gems to swim underwater
S2RR Sunny Beach logo.png
TalismanTurtle Medallion Total number of obtainable orbs×3
Challenges 06.
S2RR Aquaria Towers logo.png
TalismanEnchanted Shell Total number of obtainable orbs×3
No image.png Blasting boxes No image.png Seahorse rescue All Seaweed
Turtle soup I Manta ride I
Turtle soup II Manta ride II
A scenic beach inhabited by turtles. Water Workers are entrapping the innocent turtles.
Unlock criteria: complete Glimmer and pay Moneybags 500 gems to swim underwater
A piece of ocean belonging to a school of seahorses and Verne, their giant squid. Their civilization have had their water confiscated by the Water Workers.
Unlock criteria: complete Glimmer and pay Moneybags 500 gems to swim underwater, and pay Moneybags 400 gems for access
S2RR Ocean Speedway logo.png
Total number of obtainable orbs×1
Challenge Skill Point
No image.png Follow Hunter Under 1:10
A segment of sea where the locals race and cheer in the stands, featuring rings, arches, boats, and cars.
Unlock criteria: complete Glimmer, pay Moneybags 500 gems to swim underwater, and collect 3 orbs for access
S2RR Crush's Dungeon logo.png
Skill Point
No image.png Perfect
The first and easiest boss level. Located obviously in a dungeon, Spyro is surrounded by colored pads. The blue pads let Crush use a shock wave running along the ground against Spyro, and the red pads lets the monster unleash a fireball onto him.
Unlock criteria: collect all 6 Talismans within Summer Forest's realms
S2RR Autumn Plains Guidebook image.png World 2: Autumn Plains
S2RR Autumn Plains logo.png
Total number of obtainable orbs×2
No image.png The end of the wall
Long Glide!
The second world contains the most portals to other levels. The only notable difference between it and Summer Forest is that the leaves are autumnal colors. There is also a far more extensive series of castle ramparts and galleries.
Unlock criterion: complete Crush's Dungeon
S2RR Skelos Badlands logo.png
TalismanAncient Bone Total number of obtainable orbs×3
Challenges Skill Points 10.
S2RR Crystal Glacier logo.png
Total number of obtainable orbs×2 TalismanIce Crystal
No image.png Lava lizards I All Cacti No image.png Draclet cave George the snow leopard
Lava lizards II
Dem bones Catbat Quartet
A prehistoric wasteland covered in giant skeletons and scalding-hot lava. The cavemen here, however, like to call it home, although they are having trouble with some prehistoric creatures and Fire Wizards.
Unlock criterion: complete Crush's Dungeon
A lofty, snow-covered, mountainous area inhabited by eskimos, who are being frozen solid; their leader is imprisoned by Ice Wizards.
Unlock criterion: complete Crush's Dungeon
S2RR Breeze Harbor logo.png
TalismanGlass Anchor Total number of obtainable orbs×2
Challenges 12.
S2RR Zephyr logo.png
TalismanRuby Bomb Total number of obtainable orbs×4
No image.png Mine blast No image.png Cowlek corral I Cowlek corral II
Gear grab Sowing seeds I Sowing seeds II
The harbor where Breeze Builders dwell. The Breezebuilders try to fend off a Land Blubber infestation; both the Breeze Builders and the Land Blubbers of Zephyr are constantly at war.
Unlock criterion: complete Crush's Dungeon
A land covered in rolling, grassy green hills, decorated with high-rise towers and tunnels. Here, the Land Blubbers try to repel the Breezebuilder assault.
Unlock criteria: complete Crush's Dungeon and pay Moneybags 500 gems for access
S2RR Scorch logo.png
TalismanEmerald Scarab Total number of obtainable orbs×2
Challenges Skill Point 14.
S2RR Fracture Hills logo.png
TalismanBronze Flute Total number of obtainable orbs×3
Challenges Skill Point
No image.png Barrel of Monkeys All Trees No image.png Free the faun 3 Laps of Supercharge
Capture the flags Alchemist escort
Earthshaper bash
An arid desert area with many temples. A couple of secret agents (Handel and Greta) are here, too; they attempt to infiltrate an enemy castle.
Unlock criteria: complete Crush's Dungeon and pay Moneybags 500 gems to climb
Among the forested, tranquil landscape, is a cragged, wide canyon, with lava, inexperienced alchemists, and bagpipe music. Satyrs have been encased in stone by the Earthshapers.
Unlock criteria: complete Crush's Dungeon and pay Moneybags 500 gems to climb
S2RR Magma Cone logo.png
TalismanVolcano Idol Total number of obtainable orbs×3
Challenges 16.
S2RR Shady Oasis logo.png
TalismanMystic Lamp Total number of obtainable orbs×2
No image.png Party crashers No image.png Catch 3 thieves Free Hippos
Crystal geysers I
Crystal geysers II
A hilly landscape flowing with lava, and next door to a constantly active volcano that endangered the Fauns. Third-degree burns are extremely common here.
Unlock criteria: complete Crush's Dungeon, Moneybags 500 gems to climb, and collect 8 orbs
A temple area filled with acid, booby-traps, and hippos who like to eat Power Berries, which are all being stolen by the Thieves.
Unlock criteria: complete Crush's Dungeon, Moneybags 500 gems to climb, collect 8 orbs, and pay Moneybags 400 gems for access
S2RR Metro Speedway logo.png
Total number of obtainable orbs×1
Challenge Skill Point 18.
S2RR Icy Speedway logo.png
Total number of obtainable orbs×1
Challenge Skill Point
No image.png Grab the Loot Under 1:15 No image.png Parasail through Rings Under 1:15
A city surrounded by water. Here there are many pigeons, Cat Burglars, jumpers, slow signs, and arches.
Unlock criteria: complete Crush's Dungeon and collect 6 orbs
A frozen-over tundra surrounded by the ocean, which is inhabited by small sea monsters. There are many eskimos and cavemen on vacation here, whether they ride snowmobiles attached parasailors or go ice skating. featuring snowmobiles, arches, skaters, and serpents.
Unlock criteria: complete Crush's Dungeon, Moneybags 500 gems to climb, collect 8 orbs, and pay Moneybags 100 gems for access
S2RR Gulp's Overlook logo.png
Skill Points
No image.png Perfect
Hit Ripto
A boss realm focusing on a battle with Gulp, a huge and green Riptoc with a cannon-like contraption on his back; this realm is a bit more challenging. Elora has trained some Pterodactyls from Skelos Badlands to drop eggs containing weapons for Spyro.
Unlock criteria: collect all 8 Talismans within Autumn Plains' realms
S2RR Winter Tundra Guidebook image.png World 3: Winter Tundra
S2RR Winter Tundra logo.png
Total number of obtainable orbs×3
No image.png Top of the waterfall
On the tall wall
Smash the rock
The final Home World. This is the residence of Ripto during his attempt to get revenge on Spyro and his friends from Avalar and is also the location of the Super Portal to the Dragon Realms, Spyro's true home. It is located on an alpine tundra, with a focal temple and secret caves.
Unlock criterion: complete Gulp's Overlook
S2RR Mystic Marsh logo.png
Total number of obtainable orbs×3
Challenges 21.
S2RR Cloud Temples logo.png
Total number of obtainable orbs×3
No image.png Fix the fountain No image.png Break down doors
Very versatile thieves! Agent Zero's secret hideout
Retrieve professor's pencil Ring tower bells
A marshy piece of land inhabited by many exotic animals and Water Wizards. The fountain that kept the local creatures calm has stopped working.
Unlock criterion: complete Gulp's Overlook
A much cooler place with more temples. There are large numbers of enemies here, and Spyro must be careful where he steps. Evil warlocks have stolen the powerful magicians' wands.
Unlock criteria: complete Gulp's Overlook and collect 15 orbs
S2RR Robotica Farms logo.png
Total number of obtainable orbs×3
Challenges 23.
S2RR Metropolis logo.png
Total number of obtainable orbs×4
No image.png Switch on bug light Clear tractor path No image.png Conquer invading cows Shoot down sheep saucers I
Exterminate crow bugs Shoot down sheep saucers II Ox bombing
An agricultural area run by robots. It is a wide expanse of land, now overrun by Robo-Bugs, who are giving the locals an extremely hard time with the infestation.
Unlock criteria: complete Gulp's Overlook and pay Moneybags 1000 gems for the headbash ability
A busy little city inhabited by robots who speak in monotone. Their home have been invaded by Space Cows, Rocket Pigs and Flying Sheep Saucers.
Unlock criteria: complete Gulp's Overlook, pay Moneybags 1000 gems for the headbash ability, and collect 25 orbs
S2RR Canyon Speedway logo.png
Total number of obtainable orbs×1
Challenge Skill Point
No image.png Shoot down balloons Under 1:10
A deep, craggy canyon inhabited by rams and vultures, with some moles known as bikers thrown in, and some rings scattered somewhere.
Unlock criteria: complete Gulp's Overlook and pay Moneybags 200 gems for access
S2RR Ripto's Arena logo.png
Skill Point
No image.png Perfect
The third and final boss level, Ripto generously gives the player a bit of competition and has three phases (Normal, Robot Gulp, Pterodactyl).
Unlock criteria: complete Gulp's Overlook and collect 40 orbs
S2RR Dragon Shores.png World 4: Dragon Shores
Dunk 'em Down in Water
Total number of tokens.×3
Tunnel of Love
Total number of tokens.×1
Coaster Ride
Total number of tokens.×3
Shooting Range
Total number of tokens.×3
Spyro should fire baseball-like rocks at a dunk tank. This is where Spyro rides the Tunnel of Love. Spyro should pop balloons on a roller coaster. Spyro should shoot enemies and targets that pop up out of the ground.


In addition to his returning abilities (except the sideroll), Spyro acquires several new skills throughout Ripto's Rage! that allow him to explore the worlds of Avalar more thoroughly.

Name Description
Hover Spyro's gliding ability has been augmented with a hover maneuver which, used at the end of a glide, gives Spyro one small, final boost in elevation and distance before he falls to the ground. Hunter explains this technique to the player early on in the first world.
Swallow Spyro now has the ability to pick up various small items and carry them in his mouth. This is used primarily for solving certain puzzles and missions, but some items (such as rocks) can be used as weapons by spitting them back out at an enemy.
Swimming Most water is no longer hazardous or lethal to Spyro. At first, Spyro can only swim across the surface of water, but in the first world, Moneybags teaches Spyro (for a fee, of course) how to swim underwater. Many levels feature underwater portions through which Spyro must swim, particularly the Aquaria Towers level which are almost entirely underwater. Spyro's flame breath is of no use underwater (unless augmented by a Power-Up), but he can still use his charge attack to swim at high speeds and attack foes. Spyro can still drown in unclear waters (Mystic Marsh) and green, acidic waters (Scorch and Shady Oasis).
Climbing In the second world, Moneybags teaches Spyro the ability to climb on certain wall surfaces, such as ladders. Spyro can traverse such walls to gain access to new missions and areas, but he cannot defend himself while hanging from a wall.
Headbash In the final world, Moneybags teaches Spyro one final ability, the ability to dive vertically out of the air and crash into the ground, horns first, allowing Spyro to defeat certain late-game enemies, open certain treasure boxes, and complete additional missions.


In addition to Spyro's returning and new abilities, many levels in the game feature powerup "gates" which temporarily give Spyro enhanced abilities that allow him to defeat certain enemies, reach new areas, or complete certain missions. Powerup gates are at first inactive, but become available once the player has defeated a certain number of enemies within the level.

Three of these powerup gates are based on similar abilities in the first Spyro game:

Name Description
Superflame Superflame gates enhance Spyro's flame breath, allowing him to strike down and defeat even the normally fireproof metal-armored enemies. Unlike its incarnation in the first Spyro game, this is also a long-range ability, and Spyro can aim and shoot fireballs accurately from a first-person perspective. While underwater, Spyro fires spiked balls instead of flame. If a player gathers all the orbs and gems in the game, a door in Dragon Shores will open, with a Superflame powerup that lasts indefinitely.
Superfly This gate gives Spyro the ability to fly rather than glide, similar to the speedway levels.
Supercharge Supercharge gates give Spyro an instantaneous boost of speed. Similar to the supercharge ramps of the first Spyro game, this allows Spyro to charge through most obstacles, and even large enemies which are normally impervious to his charge attack. This ability does not wear off with time; rather it lasts until Spyro stops charging, or hits an obstacle and comes to a stop.

The game introduces a few power-ups:

Name Description
Invulnerability This powerup renders Spyro invulnerable to all damage for a certain length of time. This is used primarily to allow Spyro to cross large areas hazardous terrain (such as lava or acidic waters) without taking harm.
Superjump This gate launches Spyro high into the air in a certain direction, allowing him to land in a different area of the level.
Superfreeze This rare gate gives Spyro a powerful ice-breath attack which can be used at long range, similar to the Superflame powerup, as well as to freeze certain enemies for solving puzzles.


Name Description
Gems Scattered throughout the realms, Gems come in varying colors and denominations, and may be found lying on the ground, or hidden in containers such as baskets, vases, and underwater pots. There are a set number of gems in every realm, and each gem collected counts toward the player's percentage of game completion; collecting enough gems is a requirement for exploring the realms (as you pay Moneybags to get rid of an obstacle) and accessing a bonus level at the end of the game. All the gems you paid Moneybags are refunded after defeating Ripto.
Orbs Orbs are used to access later levels, and are a requirement for reaching Dragon Shores and accessing a bonus level at the end of the game. Orbs power up portals created by The Professor.
Talismans Talismans are rewards given to Spyro by the inhabitants of various realms after he completes the level. All of the realms have talismans to offer except for boss dungeons, speedways, and realms in the final overworld, Winter Tundra. When the player collects all of the talismans in an overworld, that world's boss dungeon opens up, allowing the player to advance to the next overworld. This excludes the final boss, Ripto, which requires 40 orbs to enter. There are 14 talismans in total.


Minigames appear in three forms. Some appear as missions within various levels, like a match of ice hockey or riding a manta ray around in the water.

Another form is in the Speedway levels, which are optional flying missions in which Spyro must fly through or flame a certain number of targets within a limited amount of time. In addition, once Spyro has completed a speedway, he can return to the level freely, and may also locate a second challenge or minigame hidden somewhere in the level.

The final form is in the final level. The extra level, Dragon Shores, unlocked for completing the game, has multiple minigames. One of the minigames is a target practice where Spyro shoots targets with superflame.


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  • One of the game's working titles was Spyro II.[3]
  • Unlike other Spyro titles, the game starts in the the first level, Glimmer, rather than the first world's hub. This could explain why the European version is subtitled Gateway to Glimmer.
  • This is the only PlayStation game in the Spyro franchise where the player cannot exceed 100% completion.
  • When Spyro collects 64 orbs and 10,000 gems, he can open up a gate in Dragon Shores. Inside the gate is what looks like a superflame powerup that when passed through grants Spyro a permanent superflame ability.
  • Both Fracture Hills and Magma Cone are home to the fauns and the Earthshapers, and are both levels in Autumn Plains. Elora's homeworld can possibly be Fracture Hills, since Fracture Hills' fauns are all female and Magma Cone's fauns are all male.


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