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Speedways are a type of level where Spyro must glide around the area, fulfilling specific tasks within a short time limit. These areas first appear in Spyro the Dragon, where they are known as flights.


Spyro the Dragon[edit]

In Spyro the Dragon, every world has a flight level except Gnorc Gnexus. Unlike other levels, flight levels are not immediately accessible and require Spyro to unlock it by performing a certain task, such as shooting a rock or solving a platform puzzle. Some dragons even tell Spyro where he can find these levels. Every flight level has their own set of four or five objectives, which Spyro must complete within a short time limit. An objective is usually completed when Spyro destroys or glides through eight of something, such as destroying eight treasure chests or trying through eight rings. Another second is added to the timer for every hoop or arch that Spyro glides through. If time runs out or if Spyro crashes or drowns, he loses the level. A dialogue is then displayed, and it gives the player the option to restart the level. Flights are the only levels that have no dragons to rescue.

Each time Spyro completes a task in a flight level, he receives 60 jewels. At the end, Spyro earns a total of 300 jewels. He can still retry any flight level that he has completed, although the timer counts upward rather than down, turning the flight level into a time trial. Spyro does not gain any additional jewels if he clears the flight level again (a tick is displayed in the Round Results dialogue box to indicate that the tasks were completed).

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