Autumn Fairy Home

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Autumn Fairy Home
Autumn Fairy Home SSoI screenshot.png
Spyro in the Autumn Fairy Home
Game(s) Spyro: Season of Ice
Greater location Fairy Realms
Inhabitants Fairies
Gems 300
Fodder Sheep

Autumn Fairy Home is the first Fairy World of Spyro: Season of Ice. It is themed after the autumn season, much like Autumn Plains from Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. Autumn Fairy Home has 300 gems to collect, and its flammable object is carved pumpkins.

Hunter is encountered twice. The first time he teaches Spyro how to charge into sheep, having a feeling that it would be useful on Spyro's adventure. Hunter is also encountered on top of a high platform, where he tells Spyro that he sees something on a nearby hill, so Hunter teaches Spyro how to glide. Hunter then does a high jump to the hill. Once Spyro also reaches the hill, Hunter tells him how to hover, as the distance to the next hill is slightly longer and requires Spyro to hover at the end. Once again, Hunter jumps to the other hill, which Spyro can go to free a trapped fairy.

There are five fairies in Autumn Fairy Home: Gabrielle, Torrie, Summer, Autumn, and Grace.


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Level Unlock criteria
Lava Prairie SSoI screenshot.png
Lava Prairie
Available from start
Mermaid Coast SSoI screenshot.png
Mermaid Coast
Available from start
Market Mesa When at least 12 fairies are rescued
Stone Age Speedway When at least 14 fairies are rescued
Ant Farm Paying 400 gems to Moneybags