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Spyro (The Legend of Spyro)

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This article is about the Legend character. For the original character, see Spyro. For his Skylanders counterpart, see Spyro (Skylanders).

Spyro (The Legend of Spyro)
ANBSpyro Transparent.png
Artwork of Spyro for The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night
Full name Spyro the Dragon
Species Purple Dragon
Affiliation Sparx, Flash, Nina, Dark Spyro
First appearance The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning (2006)
Latest appearance The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (2008)
Portrayed by Elijah Wood

In The Legend of Spyro series, Spyro is the title character and main protagonist. He is a rare purple dragon who is prophecized to save the world. Throughout his journey, he learns to harness multiple elements and use them in his fight against the forces of the Dark Master Malefor.

Concept and creation[edit]

As Krome Studios started their development on The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, the lead concept artist Jared Pullen was given the task to redesign Spyro into something that resonated with the modern audience of the time (2006) while not alienating the already established Spyro the Dragon fanbase. He wanted Spyro to look similar his previous game designs (1998-2005) but pushed him to have a much darker, more edger visual edge.[1]

The producer of The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, John Welsh, stated that as a character, Spyro held the same stronger lines, tones and textures that are apparent throughout the game; his crest, back ridges, horns and tail fin showcase the strength of his character, which was the intent. He is regardless recognizable as the character he is; he is roughly the same age as in previous games and his character is similar in nature, which develops with the story and the realization of what he is capable of.[2]

General information[edit]


Unlike his original original counterpart, in The Legend of Spyro reboot, Spyro is soft-spoken and compassionate to the point of being polite to both allies and enemies, possessing no forms of arrogance. In addition, he is more mature and serious. Spyro also has some form of intelligence, as he was able to understand Volteer's vocabulary without issue. Having lived the first years of his life thinking he's a Dragonfly, Spyro is a little naive about the ways of the world; but he is eager to learn and grow. He is also very courageous, as at one point, he saved Cynder from Malefor's control while Convexity was collapsing even though she was his enemy moments ago.

Physical appearance[edit]

Much like his original counterpart, Spyro is a purple dragon with yellow horns and wings, and a light-colored belly. The features that notably set him apart are the shape of his eyes and snout.


Being a rare purple dragon, Spyro can wield many abilities that others cannot. While other dragons are restricted to only one element, Spyro can harness more than one. When he acquires the four standard elements of fire, electricity, Ice, and Earth, Spyro gains the element of Aether, the signature element of the purple dragon breed.

Having grown up in the wilderness, Spyro can attack enemies in melee combat using his horns and tail. After being trained by Ignitus, he uses his melee abilties more efficiently and take on multiple enemies at once. In Dawn of the Dragon, Spyro's melee prowess are portrayed more ferociously where he now uses his claws and teeth to directly damage enemies and even seize them to deal more punishment. Spyro can also use his large wings as a shield to block enemy attacks.


The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning[edit]

In The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, Spyro is a dragon of prophecy, a rare purple dragon born only once every ten generations. During his incubation, the temple where the unborn Spyro rests is attacked by the forces of the Dark Master who are intent on destroying all the dragon eggs. Ignitus, one of the guardians of the eggs, escapes with the purple dragon's egg, leaving it to drift downriver into a swamp, hoping for the best. The egg is discovered by a family of dragonflies, and upon hatching, Spyro is adopted into the family and raised as one of their own alongside Sparx, a young dragonfly who was born the same day.

Years later, after coming under attack by strange foes and discovering that he can breathe fire, Spyro is told by his parents, Flash and Nina, that he is not a dragonfly but a stranger that came from a distant land. Spyro decides to leave the swamp in search of his true home, with Sparx coming along soon afterwards. Not long after, Spyro is pursued by hostile forces, but eventually comes into contact with a distraught Ignitus, who although pleased that Spyro is alive, fears that with the Dragon Temple under occupation by their enemy, and led by an enemy dragon named Cynder, their war is already lost. However Spyro convinces Ignitus to lead him to the Temple where he came from, and is able to drive Cynder's forces out, after which Ignitus tells Spyro more about their war against the dark armies. The Fire Guardian then offers Spyro some training in the art of the fire element, and then sends Spyro off to rescue three other Dragon Guardians from Cynder's forces.

One by one, Spyro clashes with Cynder's armies, rescues the three other Guardians while acquiring new skills and training along the way. After freeing the final Guardian, Terrador, Ignitus is captured by Cynder while saving Spyro from her wrath. After utilizing the final element of Earth and rescuing Ignitus at Concurrent Skies, it is learned that Cynder has been draining the Guardians' power into crystals in order to free the Dark Master from his prison in Convexity, and also that Cynder herself is merely a pawn serving the villain. Spyro is surprised that Cynder was originally from the same brood of eggs as he was in that were kept at the Dragon Temple during the night of raid, but was stolen by the Dark Armies and corrupted by the Dark Master to serve him. Ignitus fears that it is too late to stop Cynder from freeing the Dark Master, but Spyro pursues her and forces a showdown, eventually using all of his power in a final attack which defeats her, purging her of the Dark Master's influence and returning her to her true form, a young dragon the same size as Spyro. Convexity begins to collapse in on itself; Sparx insists on making a quick exit but Spyro declares he will not leave Cynder behind with the Dark Master; though barely, Spyro is able to grab Cynder and escape safely.

Spyro returns to the Dragon Temple, where Ignitus and Guardians congratulate him and apologize to Cynder for failing to save her on the night of the raid. On the night of Spyro's victory, he enters a temple balcony where he is joined by Cynder; both have a bad feeling that their troubles are far from over.

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night[edit]

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night continues weeks after the previous game ended.[3][4] The Ape King Gaul seeks to usher in a new age of darkness by attempting to revive the Dark Master. Spyro must unlock the secrets behind a series of strange visions that he is having and find the power to defeat this terrifying new force. When fighting Gaul, he and Spyro fall into a lower section of the Well of Souls, where the beam from the lunar alignment of the Celestial Moons, transformed Spyro into Dark Spyro. In his mindless fury, he kills Gaul and was about to turn on Cynder and Sparx, but was pulled from the brink by Cynder.

Suddenly the Well of Souls begins to collapse around them, and Spyro uses his power over Dragon Time to encase Sparx, Cynder and himself in crystal to protect them all from the debris.

The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon[edit]

Three years have passed since the events of The Eternal Night. Spyro, Sparx, and Cynder are broken free from the time crystal by a troop of Grublins, who proceed to shackle an unconscious Spyro and Cynder together with a snake-like chain in order to prepare them as sacrifices for an Earth Golem. Within the Catacombs, Spyro is aroused from his three-year long slumber by Cynder, and both are forced in battle after trying to escape. After driving off the Golem, Spyro and Cynder reuinite with Sparx and meet Hunter, who tells them that the Dark Master, Malefor, has returned after they disappeared. Malefor himself is a purple dragon like Spyro, but intends to cover the world in darkness and ultimately destroy it in order to remake it in his own image. Malefor nearly succeeds, but Spyro and Cynder confront and defeat him with the help of dragon spirit. Spyro seemingly sacrifices himself to repair Malefor's damage and Cynder chooses to stay with him, telling him she loves him. Their fate is left ambiguous, but we are treated to a glimpse of Spyro and Cynder flying through the air together above the Valley of Avalar.



The relationship between Spyro and Sparx is described by Ignitus as an 'oddly matched pair of brothers the world has never seen'. When Spyro was born and adopted by Flash and Nina, Sparx was born on the same day and raised alongside him. The two would exchange playful jabs at each other, further cementing their brotherly bond. Spyro and Sparx may have their differences, such as Spyro occasionally gets annoyed by Sparx's sarcastic comments and Sparx being annoyed by Spyro's decisions of choosing a path of which he thinks could lead to danger, the two are almost never seen without each other.

Flash and Nina[edit]

Due to being raised by Flash and Nina at birth, Spyro thought of them as his own parents. When Spyro discovered that he wasn't their real son, he was reassured by Flash and Nina that he was, even though he came from somewhere else. In return, Spyro still considers them as his family.


Spyro shares a strong "father-son" relationship with Ignitus. Usually when Spyro doesn't have much confidence in himself, Ignitus believes that he will succeed in his destiny to restore peace to the world. Upon Ignitus' captivity by Cynder, Spyro felt guilty when he failed to save him. However, after Terrador's training sessions, he and Sparx set out to rescue him. During Malefor's reign, Ignitus leads Spyro and a now redeemed Cynder to confront the Dark Master to the Burned Lands where he uses up all of his strength to clear the path. Spyro, shocked in horror, transforms into "Dark Spyro" and attempts to rescue him, only to be stopped and calmed down by Cynder.


Spyro's relationship with Cynder is a key element throughout the series. Since Cynder started out as an antagonist, Spyro was indifferent, and due to her fearsome nature, he was told to avoid Cynder if he ever encounters her. Eventually they would meet face-to-face atop Munitions Forge, where Spyro fled for his life after the black dragon chased him down, gaining a fear of Cynder in the process. With the help of Terrador, Spyro was able to overcome it. After learning the truth about Cynder's past from Ignitus, Spyro felt sorry for her, but became determined to stop Cynder from freeing the Dark Master who corrupted her. After defeating Cynder and freeing her from Malefor's influence, Spyro didn't hesitate to save her and didn't blame her for anything she did while under the Dark Master's control.

During Cynder's stay at the temple, Spyro was able to get to know her on equal ground, which turned into a friendship between the two, despite Sparx insisting that Cynder was still evil. However, Cynder felt greatly guilty for all she had done and put Spyro through while under Malefor's control, leading to her to leave the temple one night to find her own place in the world. While treking through the White Isle, it is revealed that Spyro's greatest fear is Cynder returning to the Dark Master's side; a fear that took on the form of the Elemental Dragon as the final challenge in the Celestial Caves. Upon meeting the Chronicler and learning that Cynder will return to the Dark Master's side upon his return, Spyro insists on rescuing Cynder, not wanting to sit and do nothing and knowing that Cynder wasn't given a choice to choose her own path.

During Spyro and Cynder's journey in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, Spyro's feelings for Cynder was made more apparent; their bond becoming even stronger. During Spyro and Cynder's confrontation with Malefor, Spyro's fears became reality when the Dark Master brought Cynder back under his thrall. He refused to fight Cynder as she repeatedly strikes him. When she demands why he wouldn't fight back, Spyro admits that she has left him nothing to fight for. This, along with Cynder's own love for Spyro, breaks Malefor's spell over her. When Spyro decided to give up his life to restore the world, he wanted Cynder to go and save herself, but was moved when she decided to stay with him.


“Spyro, a small purple dragon, is adventurous, curious about his past and eager to shape his future. Although he shows the recklessness of an adolescent at times, he is slowly turning into his role as a leader of a proud species. This is Spyro's coming of age as he discovers his true origins and embarks on a quest to fight the mighty Cynder.”
The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, Spyro the Dragon website

“Born in the Year of the Dragon, Spyro is a rare purple dragon prophecized to bring hope to the world. Whereas all the other dragons are only capable of breathing only one particular element (such as fire or ice), purple dragons are a rare breed that can harness all the elements. Spyro is adventurous, curious about his past and eager to shape his future. He shows the recklessness of an adolescent at times, but is slowly growing into his role as a leader of a proud species.”
The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night and Dawn of the Dragon, Spyro the Dragon website

“The legend continues with the defeat of the Dark Master and Cynder’s return to the dragon temple. As the Night of Eternal Darkness approaches — spearheaded by Gaul the Ape King — Spyro is haunted by dark visions. Spyro, along with some familiar faces and some new allies, struggles to awaken the dormant elemental powers that only a purple dragon can harness, all while discovering the secret location of the Well of Souls to prevent Gaul’s terrifying plans from becoming reality.”
The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night Prima Official Game Guide, page 29

Voice portrayals[edit]

Voice Actor Appearance
Elijah Wood The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night, The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

Voice Portrayals in other languages[edit]

Language Voice Actor
Danish Mathias Klenske
Dutch Rolf Koster
Finnish Samuel Harjanne
French Alexandre Gillet
German Timmo Niesner
Italian Davide Perino
Norwegian Nils-Martin Crawfurd
Russian Oleg Virozub
Nicolai Bystrov (The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon)
Spanish Óscar Muñoz
Swedish Tobias Blom

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Danish Spyro
Dutch Kulo
Finnish Spyro
German Spyro
Italian Spyro
Russian Спайро Spyro
Spanish Spyro
Swedish Spyro


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